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Gaganyaan The first Indian manned space mission, to carry 3 people to space! All Explained

By | @syedumairakhter | August 21, 2018, 11:58 AM IST



ISRO Manned Mission Gaganyaan

Few months back, We Blissfully Celebrated our 72nd Independence Day in 2018, And Something Interesting had been Declared by Our Honorable Prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi. He Stated that around or before 2022 when India will Complete its 75th years of Independence, Three Indians will be able to walk through Space like other Major Countries US, Russia and China with a Spacecraft called Gaganyaan.

This will be Remarkable for India and We would be the 4th Talented Country in the World to fly in Space with our Own Spacecraft, How impressive is that! India is already the first Country to complete its Mars Mission in the first attempt. Other Countries couldn’t, also the Cost of Mars Mission by India was not much. So by the works of ISRO we can say that Gaganyaan will be a Successful mission too!

Gaganyaan will be a Spacecraft that will be entirely made up by Indians in India and in 2022 or before it will be ready to take off. The spacecraft is being designed to carry three people, hopefully Indian Astronauts will be able to Explore the Sky with it. Gaganyaan is in developments since years by ISRO and HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited).

The primary needs of spacecraft like Capsule in which the Crew Team will stay and Emergency Landing System are already in works. ISRO caught testing these on 5 July 2018, its a Pad Abort test for save landing of the Capsule. The space capsule will also have life support and environmental control systems inbuilt. Gaganyaan Mass will be around 3.7 tons (approx. 3300 KGs!)

ISRO decided to orbit the Earth with it at height/Altitude of 400 km. The crewed vehicle is planned to be launched with ISRO’s GSLV Mk III in 2022 or they could also develop a new Rocket for the Launch of the Gaganyaan. The government allocated ₹500 million (US$10 million) for Pre-project initiatives for 2007 through 2008. A crewed mission into space would require about INR 124B (3M USD).

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Gaganyaan Specifications

Manufacturer HAL, ISRO
Country of origin India
Operator ISRO
Applications Human orbital vehicle
Spacecraft type Crewed
Design life 7  days
Launch mass 7,800 kg (includes service module)
Dry mass 3,735 kg
Crew capacity 3
Dimensions Diameter: 3. m Height: 2.7 m
Volume 2.88 m2
Regime low Earth orbit
Status in development
On order 1
First launch planned: 2022 (crewed)


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