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Instagram got a bug that leaked the passwords of some of its users publicly

By | @syedumairakhter | November 17, 2018, 7:18 PM IST



Instagram being a most popular social media platform recently leaked passwords of some of its users of its own, though the company sent a notification to the effected users. If you aren’t notified then your account may not be affected by the bug. The reason behind the password leak is expected to be the security tool which allows users to download a copy of their data

due to this the passwords were stored on Facebook’s servers and got leaked. Although the details has been deleted and the bug with the tool is fixed, the security bug has affected only a small number of users confirmed Facebook. Its better to change password this time,  A while back, Facebook also experienced a severe security related issue with millions of its accounts.

With this much vulnerability Technology is getting, we hope these glitches to get diminish ASAP as most of the people around the worlsd use these Social media platforms, and in coming time the users will increase which necessitates more secure environment. Stay tuned with Alloftop for more updates.


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