LG shows a Patent for 16 camera phone which could capture 16 images with just a tap

Now a days companies showing a patent with increasing number of Cameras, LG followed the same track and went next level, they showed a patent for a phone with 16 cameras at the back, the phone is said to be capable of taking 16 shots simultaneously. The cameras will be in 4 x 4 gridso that each camera can detect the different scenes from a various angles and you can choose the best click afterwards, also the cameras will bulged out towards the middle in a convex way. LG would also prepare a dedicated software to use these set of cameras.

with 16 sensors parts of image can be edited professionally and stitched together, the depth of field can be improved, and focus adjustment on post-shooting could also be introduced, the sensors will have different focal lengths. The patent further says the 16 camera phone could feature a wide stereo sound

by two loud speakers on the back and on front. Although at front LG would opt with normal single camera for images and videos. As of now its better to calm down as its a just a patent. Comment below your thoughts and stay tuned with Alloftop for more updates.

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