Microsoft to launch its folding smartphone aka Andromeda in 2019

2019 will surely be the year of innovative foldable Smartphones, many smartphone brands are all set to reveal their foldable phones in 2019. Oppo will unveil its folding phone at MWC in Feb 2019, Samsung had already showed the sneak peak of its foldable phone from Galaxy F series at SDC 2018. Moreover Xiaomi is also working on foldable phones

this technology is much hyped before the official launches, and hence the competition for companies working on this technology is quite high. The foldable phone by Microsoft is already in talks from few months now, According to a new book called Beneath a Surface, the Andromeda folding phone will be one of the Surface devices planed for next year by the Company.

the book also says the phone will be able of doing more cool tasks than a normal smartphone does, it will be a tablet as well as a Smartphone after folding. The folding phone will be having it own dedicated Operating system, however the OS will give the feel of Windows with few tweaks here and there. Besides this it also mentions teases few more Microsoft devices

There will be new Xbox One devices i.e Xbox One console and Surface laptops powered by AMD chips, upgraded Surface Studio and something similar to iPad Pro 12.9 with USB-C port, thin bezels and rounded corners at the front, expected to get launched by the end of 2019. Lastly the book mentions about smart speakers which are categorized in ambient computing devices.

These are invented for the people who remain stick to their Mobile phones for various tasks. We’ll have to wait and see what innovation does Microsoft bring in the Folding phone hype and its other products, so stay tuned with Alloftop for more updates on the same.


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