How to send stickers on WhatsApp in Android and iOS, custom stickers also available

WhatsApp being most popular messenger now allows its users to send stickers in their chats like they do on Facebook and few other messengers. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and this feature is announced almost a month back, but still users find it difficult to send these stickers.

though it is quite easy and it makes your chat more expressive. This feature was quite awaited because in Facebook users can already send stickers in their chats. However to use this feature the WhatsApp version should be 2.18 or above

So now lets dive in to the steps involved in sending these expressive stickers:

1. First make sure WhatsApp is updated, to do so go to the Play Store in Android or App Store on iOS and check for the updates.


2. Now Open up the WhatsApp on your phone and go to the chat you want to send or try the Stickers

3. Tap on the Smiley emoji at the left of the box where you type the message

4. Now on the bottom you find three options tap on the rightmost option that is Stickers, located after GIF option

5. Now you’ll find a ton of stickers under few types, there you choose your favorite sticker and tap it to send it in your chat, You are Done!

WhatsApp has launched 13 sticker packs and user can also create custom stickers with a third-party app from Google Play Store. You can also add more stickers with a + icon at the top right of the types of stickers.

There you can download your favorite sticker pack. The default sticker pack by WhatsApp is ‘Cuppy’. Stay tuned with Alloftop for more.

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